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global-e welcomes submissions from scholars and practitioners in the field of global studies. Essays should focus on public issues, cultural concerns, historical trends, and theoretical debates. We are especially interested in submissions that employ concise, polished, and provocative prose to address readers across disciplines as well as broader constituencies outside the academy. Our postings typically range between 1200 to 1500 words, although we are willing to consider shorter pieces, especially those that address timely issues, such as recent elections, conflicts, demonstrations, or cultural events. We are also receptive to graphic essays that offer commentary on a collection of photographic, performance, or artistic imagery.
global-e is an open access publication and therefore does not claim exclusive rights to an author’s submission. Indeed, we encourage scholars and practitioners to contribute notes, précis, and extracts from longer publishing projects. We also are looking for essays that are prompted by research or activist endeavors that may be at an embryonic stage. And we are open to proposals for collections of essays, which we feature as a topical series, such as “Public Imagination” and “Global Studies in East Asia.”
In order to benefit fully from our digital publishing capacities, contributors are encouraged to include hyperlinks, graphics, charts, video, and other illustrative materials. When submitting images, please send us your largest possible TIFF, JPEG, or GIF files up to a maximum size of 2MB.
global-e is on a temporary, summer hiatus. At this time, we are not accepting manuscripts or enquiries. The enquiries and submissions contact will be updated after September 1, 2021.


Series Editor Guidelines (PDF)
Author Guidelines (PDF)

Author Information

Our “brand”

-As an online publication, global-e is fast, flexible, and free. We attract readers from more than 170 countries and contributors from around the world. Publishing twice a week, we can respond to issues and events as they unfold.

-Our short-form feature essays aim to reach a broad audience in the sprawling and multidimensional field of global studies. Ideally, global-e is a venue where poets, policy makers, and engineers all feel comfortable reading and reflecting on issues in such diverse fields as climate change, global security, and popular culture.

-Diversity is paramount. We invite contributions from around the world and have assembled an editorial team that is comprised of specialists from many backgrounds and perspectives.

-We edit in house, allowing rapid turnaround time, which means that a high quality submission on a timely topic can be published within a matter of days. On the other hand, most essays involve more give-and-take and sometimes our publishing queue grows longer than we would like, but generally authors are pleased to see their work published within weeks rather than months or years.

-We edit submissions lightly, aiming only to sharpen arguments and refine the prose. Rather than acting as a gatekeeper, global-e aspires to open fresh avenues to dialogue and exchange.

-Quite unexpectedly we have discovered that global-e is a powerful pedagogical resource. Instructors around the world have told us that the length and style of global-e essays make them a perfect fit for classroom use, especially in schools where English is used as a second language. This has strengthened our commitment to accessible prose and the short-essay format, so if at times you feel the sting of our editorial scalpel, take heart, it’s all for a good cause.

Word count
global-e publishes essays in the 1200-1500 word range *not counting* notes and references. We allow some flexibility, but submissions that blow past the word limit will be returned for retooling before they enter the review process. We simply don’t have the editorial resources to handle long submissions.
Typically, essays provide a list of 4-12 references or a list of selections for further reading. Notes should be kept to a minimum and formatted as endnotes.
Essay format/layout
Our Managing Editor, Victor Faessel, strives to make each essay as visually compelling as possible and is open to suggestions about graphics and layout. He will do his best to satisfy all requests, but sometimes an author’s preferences cannot be fully realized due to the technical parameters of the global-e platform.
We encourage authors to provide images and graphics to accompany their essays. Please submit in JPG, JPEG, PNG, JIFF, or GIF formats. Each file should be at least 350 KB and not exceed 3MB. Low resolution or otherwise poor quality images cannot be accepted, so pay careful attention to size and resolution requirements. Authors should also indicate the provenance/ownership of images (personal photo, website, Reuters, Getty Images, etc).

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