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Recasting Manipur: Between Election And Turmoil in India

The eighteenth national election in India beginning April 19 until June 1, 2024, has a special significance for the people of Manipur on the India-Myanmar border. Reeling under an ongoing eleven-month-long ethnic violence that has wrecked the social and economic fabric of the state, for the Manipuris across ethnic lines, the elusiveness of peace and the trauma of violence lurk around the big promises of electoral democracy. Elections are always about new beginnings. Yet, what makes it so difficult to translate the complex reality of Manipur into the linearity of electoral progress? Maisnam Arnapal and Wangam Somorjit analyze this conundrum with a brief historical sketch of electoral democracy in Manipur before and after its merger with India interspersed with visual stories of the ongoing conflict curated by Robinson Wahengbam.

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